Teams Nation Afterparty – the Metaverse Party 23rd of March 2022

The Teams Nation Community Conference 2022 Afterparty “Metaverse Party” will be held in AltSpace VR right after closing keynotes at 8pm CET. No VR headset is required!

If you have any issues joining the AltSpace VR event, please go to the Teams Nation Lounge for assistance.

How to join the party? AltSpace VR Event Join Code: FPJ848. Click here to open AltSpace VR Event page.

There will also be moderators available inside the afterparty to help out in case of questions or need for assistance.

Zaid Zaim and Christian Glessner are leading German innovators, Microsoft MVPs & MetaVerse Party entusiasts who create unforgettable party experiences in the Metaverse.

Get ready for the party

If you are new to AltSpace VR, get ready for the afterparty by reading the guidance from AltSpace VR as well as the document pages!

In short, you need to:
1. Download the software
Windows PC (Windows & MAC) using 2D application that you can get here.
Join with: 3D/VR Headsets: HTC Vive; Oculus Rift/Rift S, and Quest/Quest 2; Windows Mixed Reality.

2: Create an account if you don’t already have one. The easiest way is to log in with a existing Microsoft Account or create a new Microsoft Account and use it to log in to AltSpace VR.

3: Get your bearings, customize your avatar and have fun!